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Open up to a stress-free way of living

Imagine being calm, focused and happy.

Sanga Living for those looking to take a meaningful break, to focus solely on their mind and body to improve their lives.

Sanga Living is your first step to new healthy habits. Here, you will learn accessible lifestyle tools, to help you live a more balanced, healthy and joyous life.

Join us to uncover how to live in balance with your mind and body. How to be “more present” and relaxed in your daily life, at work, at home and at play.

Whatever your needs, we provide the support to assist you in simplifying and harmonizing your every aspect of your life.

We can work with you through one-on-one coaching, or in group workshops – in person or online; to a complete, all inclusive, getaway at a nearby retreat, or a life-changing exotic holiday – for a few days, to a week or more.

Everyday, our online shop and blog provide a range of products and ideas to help you recreate an environment of relaxed mindfulness at home and at work.

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