• The annual STRESS LESS IN COSTA RICA is coming up in November. Get your spot while a few still remain! This...  http://t.co/ikz998NWdh  4 days ago
  • Pretty Awesome way to spend the morning. 108 Sun Salutations to raise money for children's education.… https://t.co/7u60Yh2W7E 5 days ago
  • The moments the guests of #rasaretreat2015 have been capturing are absolutely amazing! This beauty… https://t.co/0l3ZrAfXU5 3 weeks ago
  • Pool? Ocean? Decisions, Decisions! #retreatlife #sangaliving #sangaretreats #costarica… https://t.co/Yqh47RJ34U 3 weeks ago
  • HAVE FUN at Manuel Antonio National Park today #rasaretreat2015 ... But watch out for those furry… https://t.co/J2L2iF3S1P 3 weeks ago
  • Yoga with a view. Nothing beats listening to the sounds of the warm Pacific Ocean to truly relax the… https://t.co/yM0mlV5RK6 3 weeks ago
  • Yoga with a view. It's very relaxing hearing the sounds of the warm Pacific Ocean. Another great… https://t.co/Io0pLNvutU 3 weeks ago
  • One of the talented teachers zenphill posted this super cool shot from the first day of their… https://t.co/gqE9yz5ns9 4 weeks ago
  • A perfect shot from photographer  @marylousandler  of her first day waking up at the retreat. Looking… https://t.co/SyJvaIhXKY 4 weeks ago
  • Nothing says "Retreat in the Tropics" quite like fresh mango and frozen blended goodness!… https://t.co/9FZwbqdYt0 4 weeks ago

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Join us to uncover how to live in balance with your mind and body. How to be “more present” and relaxed in your daily life, at work, at home and at play.

Whatever your needs, we provide the support to assist you in simplifying and harmonizing your every aspect of your life.

We can work with you through one-on-one coaching, or in group workshops – in person or online; to a complete, all inclusive, getaway at a nearby retreat, or a life-changing exotic holiday – for a few days, to a week or more.

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