Sanga Living is about optimizing brain performance and impacting success

High performance work environments aren’t slowing down.  Stress Management Alternatives (SMA) is a systematic approach that addresses every angle of these unique environments and supports the longevity and success of each person within it.

The SMA program was developed over the past 10 years as a practical solution to balancing high performance work environments and creating elite performers within them.

The program roots grew from the busy floor of a finance firm, eventually finding its way down to Costa Rica where it morphed into a popular Stress Management retreat program that catered to burnt-out corporate clients. finally developing into the international program it is today.

SMA programming has been delivered to hundreds of corporate clients, industry professionals, and students throughout Canada, United States and Central America

Founder and creator Jamie Wood took a sharp left from her growing career in Finance back in 2008 and began studying the intricacies of the mind/body connection and the stressors permeating modern day working environments.

She has studied the science and art of Self/Stress Management with world renown mindfulness teacher Maitreyi Yogacharini, as well as worked along side behavioural neuroscientists while serving as a researcher with the BC Cancer Association.

Her successful corporate and individual programs, “Stress Management Alternatives” (SMA), seamlessly integrates neuroscience and stress management tactics while tying it all to profitability, creating elite performance in high pressure environments. The practical tools for everyday use develop habits for success.

Her past experiences working for industry leading financial institutions provides an “insiders” perspective to operational management, team dynamics, and the unique culture of demanding industries.

Her popular speaking engagements throughout North America are widely praised for their ability to arm attendees with the education and tools to manage stress and build resilience in the workplace.

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