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Managing Stress and Reducing Operational Strain
for High Performance Companies

Stress Management through Awareness (SMA) seamlessly injects into a company and its culture

Based in Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Physiology, Awareness Techniques, and Operations Management

The SMA program teaches how to effectively manage stress in high performance environments.  By tying neuro science to the fundamentals of stress management and to profitability, SMA delivers success for both the employee and corporation optimizing wellbeing and operational output.

Participants become more efficient under pressure, increase productivity, develop proactive vs reactive mindsets, and create time management efficiencies. SMA successfully integrates strategies for success into practical tools for everyday use.

SMA Program counterbalances dynamic environments

  • Enhance performance

  • Prevent burnout

  • Govern stress

  • Time management

  • Create operational efficiencies

  • Heighten productivity

  • Intensify focus

  • Develop awareness

  • Increase creativity

  • Greater wellbeing

The SMA Method




When you understand stress, you can manage it

During the SMA workshop participants will learn what a stress response is and how stress effects the body & brain. The focus will be on: identifying stress triggers, counteracting a stress response, shifting brainwave states, & increasing producitivy.

When you identify strain, you can eliminate it

During the SMA analysis a shadow observation technique is used with key team members.  Areas of strain within operations are identified such as: work fragmentation, internal communication, and time management.

The SMA Program


Key Players