Sanga Living consulting specializes in creating elite performance in demanding work environments

We help our clients make significant improvements to their overall performance across a variety of industries, serving a broad mix of private, public, and social sector institutions.

By reducing the negative impact stress has on cognitive processing, physical health, and emotional wellbeing, Sanga Living’s tactical approach enables our clients to achieve elite performance.

Our consultation services are designed to asses your unique situation, develop an appropriate action plan, implement accountability milestones, customize effective follow up, and provide both quantitative and quantifiable results.

Sanga living develops the habitual patterns necessary for elite performance by reinforcing the neurological pathways needed for success

Stress Management Alternatives, Sanga Living's (SMA) approach identifies three primary areas of focus to manage stress and achieve sustainable success

Habit Optimization

Brain Optimization

Work Optimization

By tying neuroscience to stress management and profitability, our consulting services ensure our clients achieve their personal and professional goals

For Professionals, stress management will greatly impact your success. Work environments are fast paced, demanding, high pressure, and competitive.  Our approach optimizes a client’s physical, mental, and operational patterns. We create efficiencies in both personal and professional life so that work fragmentation is eliminated, stress is managed, and success is sustainable.  We help our clients achieve a high performing state that affords them to excel in reaching their professional goals.

Students Studying Learning Education Community

For students, post-secondary is the first experience within a high performance environment. The habits you develop in that environment will impact your focus, performance, and ultimately success in your future career. Our approach to arm you with the right tools and habits to manage stress and excel in any high pressure environments. We will give you the knowledge to increase focus, and the tactics to block out distractions to help you realize your most important goals.

If you choose to book services online you are accepting a zero cancellation policy. If you do end up having a conflict, appointments can be easily rescheduled via your log in page up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.


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